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With FireTube app, you can listen to many songs, at any time, anywhere. To use this, click on the search button in the app action bar and type in any song name or artist name. Download firetube apk.
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You can play one song: This will play your favorite song as well as you can create a playlist for continuous music play in FireTube app.
– Select multiple songs: By long pressing on a song, you can select mutliple songs. then have two options to choose from:
 – Plays a new queue with only the selected songs.
 – Adds the songs to your current queue.

Your search results are stored and displayed for further suggestions. These results can be cleared in the settings.


The player is embedded at the bottom of the app and will display when you select a song.

 Video Mode – Allows you to alternate between music only mode and video mode.

 Quality/Cache – Changes quality that is automaitcally set by your connection (Red – high quality, Gray – low quality, Black – playing from cache).

 Queue – To delete a song from the queue, swipe from either left or right. You can move songs in the queue by dragging the left side of the song.

Menu – The menu button contains extra functionality to the player and queue. Here you can create a playlist or a song to either a new playlist or an existing playlist.

Firetube apk feature


  • To save playlists, you must be logged into a Google account. Your playlists will be accessible on any Android device or any Firefox browser with the FireTube addon.
  • You can access your playlists from the navigation drawer. (Play, Rename, Delete) a playlist by long clicking on a playlist.

Edit Playlist

  • Delete song – Simply swipe from either the left or right.
  • Change order – You can move songs in the queue by dragging the left side of the song.
  • Save changes – After you make a change, a message will prompt you to save the playlist.

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